It came within a hair's breadth of crushing the.............

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    Source: Greek Mythology 32nd and 33rd Paragraph

    I know the meanings of each word but I can't understand it as a whole.
    Would you please be kind enough to clarify it to me?
    Hair's breadth = a very small amount or distance
    Crushing = pressing
    It = ?

    Thank you
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    The rocky crag that Polyphemus threw at the ship missed the ship by the width of a hair. In other words, it struck so close to the ship that only a hair would fit between it and the ship. If it had actually hit the ship it would have crushed the prow (the front end) of the ship.
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    Thank you so much. I got it.
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    And to crush is much more serious than to merely press. To press is to put pressure against; to crush is to destroy.

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