it didn’t get me anywhere

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The quotation comes from Opinion | Mothers in Prison

Quotation: “I felt my life was going to repeat my mom’s, and it did,” said Alisia Hunter, 37, who said her mother was imprisoned for financial offenses while she was a child. Hunter then ended up having a baby at age 16 by one of her father’s buddies, and she soon began doing stints in prison for drug offenses.

“Prison got me sober, but it didn’t get me anywhere,” Hunter told me. Each time she went to prison, she would get clean, and then once out she would return to drugs.
Hi everyone! How to understand the bold part?
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    It got her sober because she was locked up and didn't have access to drugs. But as soon as she got out, she started using drugs again. So prison didn't change the nature of her life in a way that made it possible for her to be successful in the future. It didn't get rid of her desire for drugs, it just prevented her from acting on it temporarily. Her life was the same after she got out as it was before she went in. So she never got anywhere, i.e. never moved forward with positive things and accomplishments.
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