it doesn't seem to me like a real Italian conversation

Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by ~*Miele*~, Apr 11, 2011.

  1. ~*Miele*~ Member

    Hi all! I would like to translate this into Italian: "It doesn't seem to me like a real Italian conversation." I just translated a paragraph of Italian into English, but the subject matter did not sound like it would likely be discussed in Italian culture.
    So, would a good translation be, "Non mi sembra una vera conversazione italiana"? I'm not sure of the placement of the adjectives.
    Your help is always appreciated! :)
  2. Necsus

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    Your literal translation is correct, as well the placement of the adjectives. Only, I don't know the subject, but I'd probably say that the conversation is not really "in italiano" (in Italian language), or "tra italiani" (among Italian people).
  3. Spiritoso78

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    I agree with Necsus when he underlines that tra italiani.

  4. Gianfry

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    Given we should know more about the subject, I would say: "Non mi sembra una conversazione realistica/plausibile fra italiani".
  5. ~*Miele*~ Member

    Thanks everyone!
  6. bis Senior Member

    Hi I have one question: do you have to add "like" when saying "to sound look feel and seem" and if so why?
  7. Rival Senior Member

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    We normally use 'like' -- looks like, sounds like, smells like, tastes like, feels like -- because 'like' gives the meaning of resemblance and similarity.

    Many purists claim that 'like' should be limited to resemblance/similarity (e.g He looks like his father / this perfume smells like cat pee / the beef tastes like fish), and we should use 'as if' when we draw conclusions from available facts (e.g. He's four hours late already. It looks as if he's not coming / It sounds as if you don't know this subject well, because you are saying so many incorrect things / It's so cold in this room that it feels as if the heating is not working). They also claim that 'seems' can only take 'as if' because it doesn't relate to resemblance or similarity.

    I was brought up to speak this way -- my mother drummed it into us very thoroughly -- but, from what I hear and read, it looks like the purist have lost the battle. :D
  8. joanvillafane Senior Member

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    Hi bis - if you are asking about the sentence in the OP ("It doesn't seem to me like a real Italian conversation."), then, yes, you have to use "like." The sentence would be ungrammatical without it. If you have a more specific question about a different sentence and context, you should give us your sentence.

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