It feels like just another day online


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I don't understand "It feels like just another day online", which appears very clear yet gives me no clue what it is saying.

Does it mean "It feels like just so strange that everything is different now"? Simply a wild guess.

An online petition with over 23,000 signatures at the time of publication is demanding that the public be allowed to drink the fluid—“so we can assume its powers and finally die.”

It feels like just another day online but everything about our response to the find and now the demand to drink the fluid is deeply reflective of our relationship with Egyptian culture, our current social psychological state, and the rise of the attention economy.

-Scientific American (Why Do People Want to Drink the Sarcophagus Water?)

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    No, this means that this behaviour, however ridiculous, juvenile or disrepectful it may be, feels like the norm now. Basically it's saying "this is the kind of stupid shit we are accustomed to seeing on the internet every day", therefore "it feels like just another day online".
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