It felt really nice to hear back from you.


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I wrote an email to a professionally senior person to whom I last met some 5 years ago and he replied nicely.

I would like to start my new answer with:

'It felt really nice to hear back from you.'

I do not want to sound very formal or very casual too. I would like to keep something semi-casual type conversation. Friends, what do you think about this opening line in my new email ?
  • Istarion

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    Hi Orthotech,
    Saying "it felt really nice" makes it sound a bit over-the-top - as if you actually got the warm fuzzies when you got his reply. We would usually just say "It was nice/good to hear back from you". But saying "it was..." still does make it sounds like you're talking about a message he sent you a while ago.
    In more formal emails I usually go for "Thank you for your prompt reply". In semi-casual contexts I'd say "Thanks for getting back to me".
    I hope that helps,


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    Thanks Isatarion,
    You have solved my confusion. I am choosing one of your opening lines. BTW, 'it felt really nice reading your mail :).... 'Thanks again.
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