It flew in the face of conventional wisdom


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Kindly explain the meaning of the phrase, I can't find it in the dictionnary :

Joe was talking this all in, but also felt that his Coach was telling him the obvious. He realized that it was so obvious it flew in the face of conventional wisdom.

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    'It was very different from, or even opposite to, the established/conventional method/thinking' and challenged it.

    Not an uncommon phrase.
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    The phrase was made more popular by J.K.Galbraith's famous book The Affluent Society. Galbraith often talks in the book of the conventional wisdom to mean the ruling mind set, what followers of Thomas Kuhn often called a paradigm.

    The conventional wisdom is often seen as the enemy of progress and original thinking, because it taught people not to question established 'truths', and this often meant that new discoveries were retarded by the fact that students had been taught that a problem had been solved. Newton's theory of gravitational attraction was so elegant a solution to many problems that it is now often represented as having retarded the development of what is known as Einstein's theory of general relativity.
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