it gives one strength / it makes one tired


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Now, I know that to be impersonal with verbs, in French "on" is used:

"on mange de la brioche en France".

And that for personal pronouns, "son/sa/ses"

Chacun à son gout


How do you translate the impersonal direct object/indirect object?

Eg in English:

"It gives one strength" / it gives you strength (colloquially)

"It makes one tired" / it makes you tired (colloq)

It gives one a funny feeling ..

My attempts:

ça rend (à quelqu'un??) fatigué??

ça lui donne la force à quelqu'un...???
  • Yendred

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    Dans ces cas, on ne mettra simplement pas de pronom:

    It gives one strength / it gives you strength
    --> ça rend fort / ça donne de la force

    It makes one tired / it makes you tired
    --> ça fatigue

    It gives one a funny feeling
    --> ça donne une drôle d'impression