it had been extremely neglected.


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Hello, I've come across this sentence reading a text about animals with no care:

It's said by the first person view (By Richard Evans): Once I went with a member of staff to rescue a pony from a farm where it had been extremely neglected.

I've looked 'neglect' up, so it means: to pay no attention or too little attention to (someone).

But how does it work with 'extremely'? Even less attention that little? :D I guess it's used to 'emphasize' all the situation, so... an extremely poor pony?

Absolutely no attention, no one had fed it, no one had taken care? That's why Richard and a member of staff took it to the foster home?
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    The pony had been very badly neglected, so it was in a very poor condition. No one had taken care of it.

    I don't think we would use foster home here for animals. I would use rescue centre or sanctuary.
    Small pets like cats and dogs may be fostered by someone.
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    When we talk about caring for a person or animal, we use "neglect" to mean to not do everything which should be done. It doesn't mean that the carer doesn't do anything at all. Extreme neglect means that the carer has done very little indeed, ignoring obvious needs.
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