It hurts very much.

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James : Daniel, 1) it hurts very much.
Daniel : Where does 2) it hurt?
James : 3) It's my heart.

As you know, "it" has many meanings and functions in English. Among them, 1) it and 2) it seem the same as it in "It rains."
And, 3) It refers to "the place where it hurts".

What's your opinion?
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    In (1), James has a specific meaning for "it", although we don't know at this point what "it" is. This is not the same kind of "it" as in "It's raining."
    James knows how to answer the question "What hurts?"
    I don't know how to answer the question "What's raining?" with the same ease.

    Daniel's response is a bit strange. I would ask James "What hurts?"
    His response would be more natural in a different context:
    Anna: My leg hurts.
    Anna's Dad: Where does it hurt?
    Here, Dad's "it" refers to the leg, but he wants to know more precisely where Anna's pain is.

    At (3), I agree with you.
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