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People will always look upwards for direction, and if that upwards is constantly changing it ids confusing and can cause people top become disconnected from the reason they turn up to work every day. Then it really is an awful virus, and it does slowly kill people off mentally. Unconnected to the meaning of their work, to their new role, or their new goals, the energy ebbs away, until the shell of a human tips up at work each day and emptily carries out its task. The rich dynamism of a challenging and engaged worker suddenly seems a rare thing.
Source: The Balancing Act (2005) by Fiona Parashar

What does ids in it ids confusion means? is it a made up verb for the noun id as used psychoanalysis? is it a typo? I bumped into this unfashionable and enigmatic phrase as I have been trying to come in terms with the expression to tip something up. Which I am still trying.

id : in psychoanalysis, the deepest part of the unconscious mind that represents the most basic natural human needs and emotions such as hunger, anger, and the wish for pleasure.

Someone who is described as a 'shell of a person' is someone that feels empty inside, they have been through so much or seen so much that they are left as only an empty husk, dry, brittle, and easily broken, they have been left empty of hope, empty of emotions, empty of dreams.

Thank you.
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