It 'is' because I dove into the abyss that I am beginning to

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    The plain sentence would be I am beginning to love the abyss I am made of because I dove into the abyss.

    To emphasize the reason, the because clause is moved to the beginning of the sentence, and a grammatical construction is jerry-built to make the sentence work.

    It (=the reason that I am beginning
    to love the abyss I am made of) is because I dove into the abyss. The that clause is stuck at the end to make sure you know what it refers to.

    I am not sure if the two abysses are the same or different.


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    I believe yours is an example of a cleft sentence. They are used for emphasis. The thing about cleft sentences is that their meanings can be expressed as simple sentences, here as: "I am beginning to love the abyss I am made of because I dove into the abyss." There is no difference in meaning. In other words, 'is' in the topic sentence is empty of meaning.

    has an article on cleft sentences, from which I quote:
    In English, a cleft sentence can be constructed as follows:

    it + conjugated form of to be + X + subordinate clause

    where it is a cleft pronoun and X is usually a noun phrase (although it can also be a prepositional phrase, and in some cases an adjectival or adverbial phrase). [...] Finally, the last element of a cleft is the cleft constituent. As mentioned earlier, the focused part of a cleft is typically a noun phrase, but may in fact, turn up to be just about anything: [...] Adverbial clause: It was because she was so lonely all the time that she decided to move out.
    As to whether it is a complement, yes, I think so. I don't know that a conjugated form of 'be' can be followed by anything but a complement.

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    Thank you so much exgerman and Estjarn. :)

    Yes, definitely right. :thumbsup:

    This is a cleft construction for emphasis as you asnwered.

    I mistook this for another thing. :eek:
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