... it is easy to get the ---- that the birds,



Below is a question from an offical exam in Turkey. What I want to know is why the choice A is not possible here. The correct answer is D

Thank you


If you go down to the woods in August, it is easy to get the ---- that the birds, like so many of us, are on holiday.

A) notice
B) desire
C) consciousness
D) impression
E) evidence
  • bibliolept

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    "Get the notice" in this context would not be at all idiomatic in AE; it would not sound natural to say that in this sentence.

    "Get the idea/notion," however, would be acceptable alternatives.


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    Dear bibliolept, is it possible to explain it other than saying just idiomatic?

    It doesn't sound natural. There is no complex reasoning behind it, I'm afraid. It is understandable, marginally, but AE speakers aren't likely to say this and would likely be confused if they heard it or read it.

    "Get the impression" is very common; "get the notice" used to refer to a figurative notice--that is, to have an idea, rather than a literal notice in the form of a letter, bulletin, or phone call--is not common at all. I have never heard that phrasing used in that manner.


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    "Get the notice" in AE would mean that you received notification of something. For example, if you were suddenly asked to move your car from in front of your house because they were paving the street, you could say, "I never got the notice", meaning the notice that the street would be paved.

    There is no written notice of the birds going on holiday to be gotten. :)
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