"It is" followed by a plural noun

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1. It was several groups of dancers that I came across this afternoon.
2. It is the pictures that remind(s) me of the nightmare.

Is it correct to use 'it (be)' before the plural nouns?
Can we say that 'they were several groups of dancers that I came across' or 'they are the pictures that ..' ?

And if the second sentence is correct, the verb 'remind' should be given a sweet or not?
Oh come solve my riddle ladies and gentlemen!
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    I think the first one is right if the groups are described as one big thing that you came across. And I also think that the second one is right because the pictures, collectively, are, in a sense, the single thing that causes you to remind something.

    So my answer to your first question would be, No, you always need to use the plural form for actual plurals. But keep in mind that in this case you're describing something (singular) that you came across, even if that something is "several groups of dancers" (as a whole).

    And my answer to your second question would also be, No, because plurals don't go with "s." Remember than in this case the main focus is something (singular) that reminds you of the nightmare, and that "something" is a group (singular) of pictures.

    If anything, just keep in mind that you need to know exactly if you're referring to one singular thing, even if it is made up of many different things, or if it's many things that do not make up one thing.

    Hope that's a help...


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    I think you are always going to run into problems if you try to structure sentences this way. Why not use a straightforward construction:
    I came across several groups of dancers this afternoon.
    The pictures remind me of the nightmare.


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    I'm just trying to put emphasis on the particular part of the sentence. :D Something like a cleft sentence I suppose. Thank you anyway for your suggestion !
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