It is greatly important to greet.

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It is greatly important to greet. <-----Topic added to post by moderator (Florentia52)----->

Is it permissible to use an adjective before the adverb 'greatly?
Why is it that it's the verb that's popularily used?
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    Greatly is not a word that I have ever used.
    But if it means very/enormously, there is no reason why you can't follow it with an adjective.

    (I assume that you mean after the adverb, not before the adverb.)

    Also what verb do you mean? Greet? I don't know what your sentence means. :)


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    We may use "greatly" with a past participle used an adjective, or to modify the verb.

    Rumours of my death are greatly exaggerated.
    Her English was greatly improved by a trip to London.
    Exercise may greatly improve your health.
    I greatly appreciate your concern.

    It is also possible to use "greatly" to modify "dependent"— and surely other adjectives as well, though I'm finding it difficult to recall any.

    The efficacy of the treatment is greatly dependent on the cooperation of the patient.

    Edit: Your own example "It is greatly important to..." sounds simply odd:(. I suppose it's a question of collocation: we use "It's very/extremely/immensely important to..." instead.
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    Glad to be learning something new every day.:) Thank you matuba, I'd never thought about this before.

    There are some examples online of "It is greatly important that...", but most of them seem to have been written by non-natives. It seems we just don't use this adverb with adjectives (like "important") that are not "verby" at all.

    The closest I have found so far is "greatly desirable"- and "desirable", like "dependent on", is "verby": it is greatly to be desired that...; the efficacy of the treatment depends to a great degree on...

    ~ Drawing, whether creative or interpretative, requires the alert function of your mental processes and it is greatly desirable that you exercise the application of these mental processes every time you study these lessons.

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