It is John. ['it' for person?]

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baran 20

Hi everybody. I have always thought that (( it )) is used to refer to animals or tim e or objects and etc,but why sometimes for example it is said that "it is John." or "it is my sister."I woder if (it) is used for person too? If so,when? THANKS
  • Uncle Max.

    'It' is used as an indefinite-pronoun here.
    Example (at the beginning of a conversation through a phone):

    "Hi, it's John here."

    Uncle Max.
    If I'm talking to my sister on the phone, she might say, "Let me have a word with your wife." I say to my wife, "Come to the phone, please."
    She says, "Who is it?" I say, "It's my sister." I don't say, "She's my sister," here.

    If my wife had never seen my sister, and my sister is standing in a group of women, when my wife approaches and says, "Which one is your sister?" I say, "She's [pointing] my sister."
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