It is more of an [anniversary]

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  1. nemo eve walle

    nemo eve walle Senior Member

    Oh, those are just fireworks.
    Somebody's birthday, or...
    Well, it is more of an anniversary.

    Dialogue from movie Wreck-it Ralph

    What does ''it is more of an anniversary'' mean?
    Does this mean anniversary is very more?
  2. Copyright

    Copyright Senior Member

    American English
    While a birthday is an anniversary, it's a very specific anniversary of someone's birth date. In this case, the person/animal/animation is says that it's a birthday at first, and then decides that it's an anniversary (perhaps not a birthday) after thinking about it for a second.

    Only you or someone who has seen the film can tell us what it specifically means.

    Canine example:
    It's a big dog ... well more of a wolf really. (It's more of a wolf than it is a dog.)
  3. perpend

    perpend Banned

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    You'd have to read more of the context (here meaning the text) to really get/understand the text, in my humble opinion.
  4. Giorgio Spizzi Senior Member

    Hullo, nemo.

    If I say, e.g., "He's more of a teacher than his wife (is)" I mean that, unlike his wife — who also happens to be a teacher, mind you — he is endowed with many or all of the bahavioural, didactic, psychological, moral, etc. features which I consider "distinctive" of the notion <teacher>.


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