it is not simply the case that?

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    Hi, everyone
    But it is not simply the case that education is revered by parents in emerging economies in a way that it is not by blasé parents in the west. If parents in countries such as Finland with high standards of living and high school performance scores appear more complacent, it’s perhaps because they can more or less trust their economies to offer relatively better life chances for their children and because the schools are rated highly.
    source:Emerging market parents lead in education help - FT中文网

    I don't quite understand the first sentence, what does the "it is not simply the case that" mean?

    Could anyone help me with my problem, thanks a lot!
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    Ontario, Canada. I grew up in US.
    English (American).
    Saying "x is the case"* means 'x' is true or is a fact. 'x is NOT the case"** means 'x' is not true or is not a fact.
    {x must be a sentence}

    *or "It is the case that x"

    **or "It is NOT the case that x"

    The sentence is addressing parental attitudes toward education. Comparing Finland to the US, it is not simply {the fact} that the Finns value education more highly. They also think {It is also a fact that} their schools are good and that the children have a chance, when educated, of finding a job.

    NOTE: In the original quote, "It is not simply the case that" means "It's not just a matter of the fact that Finns value education, but etc".
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    I understand, thanks very much!

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