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Hi there folks,
I need help with this expression.

The context:
But I can also assure you this. That you will spend an eternity of eternities and you will still not be comprehend the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is not Christianity 101 (esto dice la transcripción) and now that we have got that out of the way after five minutes of counseling and let’s go on to greater things.

My try:
No es cristianismo ???? y ahora que hemos sacado eso del camino después de cinco minutos de consejo y vamos (¿pasemos?)...

No sospecho que pueda ser... Lo único que encontré en diccionarios es one-on-one (or one-to-one). ¿Será eso? :(
Muchas gracias.
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    It's using the nomenclature of introductory university courses. 101 is the first course of the first year of a subject.
    It's not a basic introductory course on Christianity. It's not the easily understandable version of Christianity.
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