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Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by Timbor, Nov 29, 2005.

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    Hi there,
    I am working on a translation for my Italian class, and I am stuck on a sentence. The translation is describing what a friend will be doing on his trip to Italy.

    Here is the sentence in English:

    "He told me that he would like to see as much as he can, but one city he really looks forward to visiting is Siracusa because, from what he's heard, it is supposed to be really fabulous."

    Here is how I translated it:

    "Mi ha detto che vorrebbe vedere tanto che pùo, ma una città che davvero aspetta con impazienza di visitare è Siracusa perché, da che ha sentito, è supposto essere molto fabuloso."

    How does this look? Is there anything I should change? Am I making any mistakes?

    Grazie mille per il vostro aiuto.

  2. You little ripper! Senior Member

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    "Mi ha detto che vorrebbe vedere il più possibile, però una città che non vede l'ora di visitare è Siracusa, perché ha sentito che è favolosa". I've changed it slightly because it sounds a bit strange translating it literally. Wait for a native's confirmation. Someone will probably will come up with something that sounds even better. :)
  3. moodywop Banned

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    That's an excellent translation!

    This may have to do with personal preference but I would substitute "stupenda" or "bellissima" for "favolosa".

    I also think you were right in dispensing with "is supposed to" since that meaning is already conveyed by "ha sentito(dire) che"("from what he's heard").


    Just three points:

    1. "Da ciò che ha sentito"

    2. Names of towns/cities are feminine. "Siracusa è favolosa"(btw "fabuloso" is not an Italian word)

    3. You cannot render "be supposed to" literally. It has several equivalents in Italian:

    Siracusa is supposed to be fabulous = dicono/sembra che....

    I'm supposed to be in Milan tomorrow = devo

    Unemployment is supposed to rise again = si prevede che...

    You're not supposed to use the telephone for personal calls = non devi/è vietato...

  4. You little ripper! Senior Member

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    Thanks Carlo. I was going to substitute the "favolosa' for something else because I personally didn't like it there, but since I had already changed so much of the sentence already, I didn't. :cool:
  5. Timbor New Member

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    Thank you very much, you guys are a great help!


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