It is ( ) that everyone has to wear the school uniform.

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Hi everyone,

Which word is appropriate to put in the brackets? Inanimate? I'm trying to list the pros and cons for wearing school uniform.
It is ( ) that everyone has to wear the school uniform.
  • Glenfarclas

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    "Inanimate" would make no sense at al, unfortunately. What are you trying to say about wearing school uniforms? Of course you could that "it is good" or "it is bad," but we can't help you choose the right word unless we know what you are trying to communicate.


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    Why would it not? It's an adjective so exactly what you need in this gap of yours.


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    I'm not so sure that "it is boring + that clause" is an accepted construction in written English.

    The only support I could find for my opinion was this:
    The range of emotive predicates that can take a THAT complement is much more restricted than the range of predicates that can take a TO complement:
    It would be fun/boring to do that.
    It was fun/boring that you came to see us/that we did it. (?)

    The Semantics of Grammar
    , by Anna Wierzbicka, "boring that"&f=false
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