it is where that matters

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I am writing a scientific paper. The title is:

"Protein function: it is where that matters", to indicate that depending on the cell this protein is expressed, it will impact cell function in a different way. So, that's why -where matters-.
One of the reviewers thinks it is too colloquial, too "attention grabbing" . What would you suggest as an alternative?
  • Cenzontle

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    My problem with it is not that it's too colloquial. My problem is that I first read "that" as the demonstrative pronoun.
    I asked myself "It is where what matters?"
    Your reviewer is not going to like my first suggestion; well, try it anyway, and see what they say:
    "Protein function: Location, location, location." (This echoes a popular saying about real estate values.)
    If they want something more conservative, how about "...: Location makes the difference".
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