it is worth just flagging again

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"DETROW: Right. The rest of the affected departments would be funded for a full year and Homeland Security just a matter of weeks. And they could keep going back and forth.

KELLY: OK. I mean, we keep saying this, but it is worth just flagging again that we are now 12 days in, nearly two weeks into this. And until this afternoon, Democrats hadn't even sat down or met with the president in all that time that the shutdown's been in effect."

What does the meaning of "flag" here? My guess is "to show or advertise" based on "to mark" in its definitions.

source: Lawmakers Meet Trump At White House For Talks Amid Government Shutdown
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    The definition is vague, but I agree with you: "flagging" something means advertising it to many people, or pointing it out to important people. It is both marking it and telling people about it.


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    From Cambridge Dictionary online:
    flag something up
    phrasal verb UK
    to emphasize the importance of something or mention it so that people know about it:
    Organics is an area that has been flagged up by the Executive as a potential growth sector.
    Oxford defines it, under flag (flag | Oxford Dictionaries), as “draw attention to”, giving a list of examples both with and without the preposition up.
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