it isn’t enough [just to]/[to just] record

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Moroccan Arabic
"It will now have become clear that it isn’t enough just to recordthe details of publications, on cards or on whichever electronic
system you adopt."
Doing Your Research Project , Judith Bell.

Is it correct to say 'to just record' instead of original use?

  • Sabretooth

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    This is a controversial subject called "splitting the infinitive." (That would be what you're doing when you insert "just" in between "to record.") To many grammarians, this would be considered improper English, though this thought process seems to come from the rules of Latin, in which infinitives were not able to be split. Technically it is possible to split English infinitives without changing the meaning of the sentence. If you said or wrote "to just record" instead of "just to record," you would be understood just fine. My suggestion would be to avoid splitting the infinitive, but that's based on personal preference and an understanding that most formal contexts would call for this avoidance. However, I wanted to make you aware that there are strong arguments for both examples.
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