It makes it harder for the U.C. to keep a bead on him


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Hi there,

What does "keep a bead on someone" mean? I was watching the TV show Lie to Me, with Tim Roth, and one episode was about a soldier who was traumatized in the war. He "went walkabout" at night, feared someone was trying to hurt him and so on. I don't remember the exact context of the sentence with "keep a bead" but that was the general context. Also, what can U.C. be?

The sentence:
[It] makes it harder for the U.C. to keep a bead on him.

Thank you!
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    Yeah, well, I just learned "crosshairs" myself watching this movie, and crosshairs is pretty much common knowledge. Thanks, Keith!:)


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    Just for clarity: cross-hairs are usually part of a telescopic sight.

    With open sights (or iron sights) the bead is usually on the fore sight (at the end of the barrel) and is lined up with a notch or aperture in the rear sight (closer to the eye).
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