It may also be about expectations and encouragement.

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The following is a part of the essay I came across the other day.

How can we explain a survey that found eighth-grade girls performing better than boys in math in 22 countries, with boys outscoring girls in only three nations? The answer may be difficult to find, but as one teacher in
Iceland puts it, “There may be differences between the genders, but by far what's most important is motivation, not aptitude.” It may also be about expectations, encouragement, and above all, individual effort.
(from Lesson 5, Part5 of Unicorn English II, publish ed in Japan by Bunei-do)

I can’ get the exact meaning of the last sentence. I think the point is the use of the word “about” there. Could you give the meaning and some example sentences using “about” of this use, please?
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    'About' in this context means 'a question of': 'It may also be a question of expectations ... '

    Another way to put it:

    'The difference may also be due to expectations, encouragement, and above all, individual effort.'
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