it may have some traction


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Hello everyone, I hope someone can help me to understand the meaning of this sentence:

"...if the sentence results from an unfair trial, it may have some traction."
I have translated it as:
" la condanna risulta di un processo iniquo, si può avere certo margine di movimento."
but I think it is not totally correct... Could anybody, please, help me? :)

Thank you in advance!

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    "have traction"

    The expression "have traction" derives, believe it or not, from machines like automobiles. The tires on a automobile push it along by having traction with the pavement -- they push against the pavement. So, if something is said to have traction, then it has some power to push something. The expression is used figuratively all the time. Here what it means is that if the trial was unfair, this unfairness might be important in an appeal of the verdict. That is, the fact of the unfair trial might be powerful in pushing an appeal forward in the judicial process.
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    So it could be: "Se la sentenza giunge alla fine di un processo condotto scorrettamente, questo potrebbe costituire un elemento a favore per l'appello."
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