it never has enough computers (word order)

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  1. Spiky_Roses New Member

    I am currently stuck on the word order (and potentially plural endings) for this phrase:

    no tiene nunca suficientes muchos ordenadores

    Where would the nunca go, and would suficientes be used there as a plural?

    Thanks for any help

    The english would be:
    it never has enough computers
    (referring to a library)

    Thanks for the help so far :)

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  2. micafe

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    You have to get rid of either "muchos" or "suficientes"- They can't go together.

    "No tiene nunca suficientes/muchos ordenadores"
    "Nunca tiene suficientes/muchos ordenadores" - Drops "no".
  3. fenixpollo

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    What are you trying to say in English? It would be easier if we used your original sentence as a starting point. Then we could help you express what you want to say in Spanish.
  4. Peterdg

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    There is more than one thing wrong with your sentence:

    My proposal: (at least if what you want to say is: "He never has enough computers")

    Nunca tiene bastantes ordenadores.

    And, welcome to the WR forums.
  5. Spiky_Roses New Member

    What I'm trying to say is:

    The library never has enough computers.

  6. Julvenzor

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    I'd say: La biblioteca nunca tiene ordenadores suficientes.

    Generally, in Spanish, word order is not as important as in English.

    A pleasure.

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