it reports the events of last Thursday

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  1. LeSurvenant New Member

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    If I were trying to explain things that happened last Thursday, would I need to use the indefinate article "le"?

    I'm trying to describe an article in a newspaper. I want to say that it reports the events of last Thursday.

    L'article remarque les evenements qui s'est passe le jeudi passe. (?)

    Please excuse my lack of accents on the "e" finale of both "passe" I don't know how to insert them here.
  2. Crescent

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    Russian, (Ukraine)
    Just a few corrections from my point of view:
    'L'article remarque les
    événements qui se sont passés le jeudi dernier.'
    ;) (Do remember that se passer is indeed a reflexive verb, and all reflexives uses 'etre' (please excuse my lack of the circonflexe on the first e of that :p) in the perfect and pluperfect (and past anterior) tenses. :) and also that the verb (in this case 'passer' agrees with the noun ('evenements') :)
  3. jann

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    English - USA
    qui s’ont passés :cross:
    qui se sont passés :tick:
  4. shine Senior Member

    i mo ceann ;)
    i think you can say 'jeudi derniere' without the article but i wouldnt bet on it. as for the é simply press 'alt gr +e' or á ='alt gr +a' , í= 'alt gr+ i' etc.
  5. viera Senior Member

    Paris suburb
    Le journal parle de ce qui s'est passé jeudi dernier.

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