It rose on a slanted, canted angle

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It rose on a slanted, canted angle, and then came to the horizontal, crushing trees with its unknown, unknowable weight, bursting their trunks open. Sap sprayed the air with thin amber veils.
Source: The Tommyknockers by Stephen King

In this scene, the ship (flying sauce) is rising up ino air from a tilted position in the bedrock.

I always understood that slanted and canted mean tilted. So obviously this is not correct. So what is the difference between slanted and canted?

Thank you
  • owlman5

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    Here's one of our dictionary's definitions for "cant", jacdac:
    1. a slanting or tilted position.
    Your understanding of the meaning of "canted" is fine. King used two words that mean the same thing in that sentence. I think "It rose at an angle" would have been enough to convey the idea.
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