It sounds a bit like Mrs Bedlington to me

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This is a conversation from Wedding Season by Katie Fforde.

‘Oh! Don't you know? It's a firm – well, a franchise, I suppose – called Colour Me Beautiful. They tell you what sort of colours you can wear.’

Pat humphed. 'It sounds a bit like Mrs Bedlington to me.’

Would you like to tell me the meaning of the sentence highlighted in bold to me? Thanks.
  • mjscott

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    It is a referral to a woman named Mrs. Bedlington. Is Mrs. Bedlington earlier in the book--or will she be introduced as the fashion lady, and the newest in town that can do your colors? If she is some other literary reference, I don't know where it comes from, but I hope there's someone out there more-read than me that can enlighten you on to how this Colour Me Beautiful franchise is similar in some way to mrs. Bedlington.
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