It sucked against rubber seals.

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He was bouncing on the balls of his feet, scanning the area. I pivoted slowly and twisted out of the car. The handcuffs didn’t help. Even hotter now. I stepped forward and waited. The backup fell in behind me. Ahead of me was the station house entrance. There was a long marble lintel crisply engraved: Town of Margrave Police Headquarters. Below it were plate-glass doors. Baker pulled one open. It sucked against rubber seals. The backup pushed me through. The door sucked shut behind me.

What is the meaning of this sentence?

It's from the novel "Killing Floor" by Lee Child.
  • Delvo

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    Rubber seals are like gaskets, lining the edge of the door or the doorframe. They seal the door so air doesn't get in or out.

    The air pressure is lower inside the building than outside, so air rushes in when the door opens, and it seals the door shut against the rubber lining again when it closes.
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