It/There was a huge contrast

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    Thanks, Steubler.
    I concur with you, but the original sentence, which is from a teaching material edited by a certain local teacher here, uses "It," and it sounds odd to me.


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    "It" is thinkable, in an appropriate context. Was this an isolated sentence, or was there a broader context?


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    It/There was a huge contrast between the two bothers in terms of appearance and personality.

    Should I use "It" or "There" here? Thanks.


    Sentences with "nonreferential it" and "nonreferential there" fall into several categories. The one that applies best to your sample sentence is the so-called "existential" category of sentences that use "nonreferential there." So, for example:

    There is a God.
    There is a Santa Claus.
    There is a contrast between the two brothers.

    Another category of nonreferential there's is "locative":

    There are several books on the table.
    There used to be a tree behind the garage.

    Hope that helps to categorize it in your mind.