it turns out to be a crappy wind up buzzer.

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I was reading this comment at the bottom of an article about the Joy Buzzer, a prank toy.

"These things are a rip off. They clearly imply that you can electrocute your friends, but it turns out to be a crappy wind up buzzer".

What does ... "wind up" mean here? Thanks :)

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    In context, wind up means refers back to the quality of a product. There are some toys that you "wind up," so for example..... you pull a string and the toy makes a noise, but doesn't have any other function. We would call that a "wind-up toy." So, the writer is being sarcastic with the use of this word to suggest that the prank toy is "cheap" [not quality] and does not have a great purpose.

    So, it sounds like the Joy Buzzer is not a good toy to buy, based on this persons comments in the article.

    As you might know... these words.... and "WIND UP" are PHRASALS.

    You can "wind" a toy UP, but you can't "wind" it down.
    You can, however, "wind" DOWN from a long day at the office [your place of employment].

    PHRASALS are never ending... so if I wrote more you would be "FED UP" with all that I'm "CARRYING ON" about.

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    Mahalo :)
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    ... "wind up" is slang, it means something annoying or something that makes you feel angry.
    In this case, no.
    The "wind up buzzer" is a clockwork device. To make it operate, you have to wind it up.

    I suppose this might now be considered a phrasal verb, but it wasn't always so.
    When the expression began, to "wind up" was a winding operation that raised the weight in a clock.
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    Not trying to wind anyone up, but I would write "a wind-up buzzer" with a hyphen. And I agree with panjandrum on the meaning here.
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