It was Joyce's fashion to go by the shortest way


I came across this sentence when reading "The Little Black Doll" from Lucy Maud Montgomery Short Stories. Here is context :

Little Joyce piloted Madame Laurin home and into the kitchen and up the back stairs to the kitchen chamber—a proceeding which would have filled Aunt Isabella with horror if she had known. But Madame Laurin did not seem to mind, and Little Joyce never thought about it at all. It was Little Joyce's awkward, unMarshall-like fashion to go to a place by the shortest way there, even if it was up the kitchen stairs.

How can I understand the highlited sentence?
Can anybody there kindly give me some explanation?

Thank you a lot in advance!
  • You need to be more specific about what words or phrases you don't understand.

    I assume that "Marshall" is a character in the book.