It was just a piece of cake. (Used in this way?)

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Hello everybody?

What does 'a piece of cake?' mean? Can I use it this way? (I used in to my friend once.)

I'm telling my friend I spoke to a famous celeb and took a picture of him when I was in high school. So my friend asks whether I told anyone about this. And I answer no, he asks why so I say "I thought it was just a piece of cake."

I meant to say it was not worth mentioning because it was not a big deal to me.
Is that okay?

If not, what'd you say?
Thank you!
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    I'd say what you said in your explanation: "It was no big deal."

    A piece of cake means that something is easy, not that it's insignificant. "Was the test hard?" "Naah ... (it was a) piece of cake."

    Added: Cross-posted the same advice with Franco-filly, so you know it must be right. :)
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