it was like/as if I was gonna fall over

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Gabriel Malheiros

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Portuguese - Brazil
Hello, everyone

Let's say I am telling my friend a story. Then I say:

"Then I lost my footing. It was as if/like I was gonna fall over"

Would it be correct? Or should I say " it IS like/as if I was gonna falling over"?

Thank you
  • JamesM

    Senior Member
    (First, "gonna" is not a word in standard English. :) It is the way some people pronounce "going to".)

    It's a little wordy. If I had to choose one option it would definitely be "It was as if I was going to fall over." I think it is more typical to say "I felt as if (formal) / like (informal) I was going to fall" or "I thought I was going to fall." The "over" is unnecessary here.


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    English - Northeast US
    "gonna" is very common spoken English. I've been hearing it more than 60 years, in a dozen states.

    In a story you either tell everything in past tense (Then I LOST my WAS like...) or everything in present (Then I LOSE my IS like...).

    For "fall" and "falling", "fall" works better. Everything else is good.


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    English, USA
    Then I lost my footing. (good)
    It was as if I was going to fall over. (good)
    It was like I was gonna fall over. (very informal/common: not recommended!)

    "Is like/as if I was gonna fall over"? (Changes it to present tense and "gonna" is very common or informal as indicated by dojibear.)

    Give more context. What are you trying to do? Is this in a grammar book or exam?
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