It was nice talking with you this morning.

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    I tried, but I am not far enough along that I can figure this one (below) out on my own and feel at all confident that I'm writing it correctly. : / I'm hoping to be able to email tonight so that it can be read tomorrow morning 6 or 7 AMish Austrian time. Any help translating into German would be greatly appreciated!!

    Vielen Dank! :) (part of my small vocabulary!)

    Here it is:

    It was nice talking with you this morning.

    I will plan on Friday, July 14 - Sunday, July 16 for the class.

    Alaska is so beautiful - you will love it! The glaciers are fantastic,
    and the wilderness is lovely - lots of wildlife. Are you just hunting, or are you fishing, too? I'm glad you are able to go there; it's really wonderful.
  2. Kajjo

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    "Vielen Dank für das Gespräch heute vormittag!"
    "Vielen Dank für unser Telefongespräch gestern vormittag!"

    "Ich habe den Vortrag/Unterricht jetzt für Freitag, 14. Juli, geplant."

    "Alaska ist wunscherschön -- es wird Ihnen bestimmt gefallen! Die Gletscher sind beeindruckend und die Wildnis ist traumhaft -- mit einer reichhaltigen Tierwelt. Möchten Sie nur jagen oder auch fischen? Ich freue mich, daß Sie herkommen werden, es ist wirklich toll hier!"

    statt "herkommen werden" wie im englischen Original, vielleicht einfach Alaska wiederholen:
    "Ich freue mich, daß Sie nach Alaska kommen werden! Es ist wirklich lohnenswert!"

  3. Ralf Senior Member

    To emphasize the "nice" nature of the talking this morning I would add:
    *) Could you be a bit more specific about "class". There is a variety of possible German translations, depending on whether you are talking about a seminar, a training course, a (visiting) lecture, or .... This would help to find the most appropriate translation. :)


    P.S. Please note, "heute" is correct if the e-mail will be received on the day of your conversation. If your e-mail will be read in the "target country" just the following day the initial sentence should go:
  4. dressageangel Member

    USA; English

    Thank you both so much for your help! I have been reading these and trying to understand the differences between the suggestions.

    The classes are riding lessons that we were discussing that he is coming over to teach in the U.S. I was told that the word to use was "kurs".

    It was not really a formal call; we are friends, even though I am hiring him to provide instruction here. We were just trying to confirm the dates, and he mentioned that while he was in the U.S. he wanted to visit Alaska. :)

    Vielen Dank!

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