it was on the whole way here

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Hi, members!

This is from a scene of TV show 'Modern Family'

Two men were trying to park their cars at the same parking pace.
They stooped just in front of the parking place.

Man A asked to man B wheather he did not see the blinker.
Man B said 'nope'. Man A said to man B that he was blind as the blinker was on.

Then man B said, "Looking at you, I'm guessing it was on the whole way here.

What does it mean by 'it was on the whole way here'?

Could somebody help me?
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    Man B is saying "Looking at you, I'm guessing the blinker was on all the way from home (or shortly thereafter)." In other words, Man A hadn't turned on his blinker to indicate he wanted the parking place, but had had it on for miles before that.

    I don't understand why he said that, but perhaps you'll know from having seen the episode.

    The whole way means the entire way, the entire journey/trip.
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