It was the fantastic goalie's save. It should be a goal.


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Could I ask, please imagine a situation a commentator of hockey match will tell:
It was the fantastic goalie's save. It should be a goal.
I would like to ask whether it is not more correct to use:
It should have been a goal.
Could you advise me? Thank you
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    "It should be a goal" means that a final decision about it has not yet been reached. Someone may still decide that it is a goal.

    "It should have been a goal" means that it was not a goal, though with normal play by the goalie (note spelling) it would have been.

    Separately, since this save is only one of many saves and perhaps only one of many fantastic ones, it should be "... a fantastic goalie's save," not the. If you want to say that no goalie ever made a better save, you can say "... the most fantastic goalie save." People may often say this for emphasis, as a matter of style, even though it cannot be proven that there was never a more fantastic save in the history of the sport.


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    "It should have been a goal" makes much more sense to me, slovak. If I spoke those sentences, that is how I would express the second one.
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