It was too steep


What was wrong with the aircraft's descent?

A. It took off quickly. B. It cracked twice. C. It. lacked finances. D. It was too steep.

The above is a listening question for high school students here, and the answer given is D. I couldn't understand why? What's your opinion? Thanks.
  • Trisia

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    First of all, I suppose the answer is related to the 'listening' part :p

    We're talking about the descent - so A can't be the answer. B neither, because it's about the aircraft, not its descent. C is obviously crazy and D is the only one left :D. Incidentally, it makes sense, too (the descent was too abrupt).


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    The aircraft is not steep at all, dear QD. The descent is (they're going down way too fast and at the wrong angle).
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