It was very cold and snowy

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    كان الجوُّ بارداً جدّاً وتساقط الثّلج
    كان الجوُّ قارس البرد وتساقط البَرَدْ (الثلج)

    I added "and the snow was falling" because I think it more appropriate than direct literal translation for "snowy" to one word in Arabic.


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    It's a good sentence, but has the meaning that there was already cold and snow and then they intensified.
    It can be fixed if we know the time of the original sentence like:
    اشتدّ البرد وتساقط الثلج بالأمس

    But I didn't find in good Arabic to use "snow" without the verb "fall" for example.


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    Arabic - Syria
    In Classical Arabic:
    ممطارا كان هو الطقس، كثيفة كانت ثلوجه.
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