it was wicked

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I remember there was one guy who was a brilliant magician. He did this fantastic magic show just for me –the whole lot, rabbits from a hat, card tricks. Later I realized it was more for Bella’s benefit than mine –they all wanted to please her –but at the time it was wicked.
Source: White Nights by Ann Cleeves
Context: The speaker is Roddy, a Shetlandlish fiddle musician. Bella is Roddy’s aunt and grand-artist who attracted admirers and spurned lovers.

to the contrary to what I expected, it was wicked means it was excellent, wonderfull, right?

Thank you.
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    The author is British, and the character is Shetlandish, so I guess it is UK slang ("very good", according to our dictionary).

    New Englanders (northeast US) wouldn't use "wicked" this way. They would say " was wicked good", not " was wicked".
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