it wasn’t linked to Harker’s feeds—only a closed loop


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They walked three blocks to a motel—the kind you paid for by the hour—and used the majority of Kate’s cash to pay for a room. The place claimed it wasn’t linked to Harker’s feeds—only a closed loop, for security purposes—and the man at the front desk gave her a seedy smile as he handed her two keys.

Source: This Savage Song by Victoria Schwab
Context: Harker is the ruler of the city, a bad guy. He has a surveillance system(camera or something like that) which is all over the city, nearly every block. Now his people are chasing them. They choose to hide in the motel.

I'm not quite sure about the connection between "it wasn’t linked to Harker’s feeds" and "only a closed loop".
Does it suggest : The motel is not linked to Harker's surveillance system, and for some security purposes, the motel is only a closed loop?

Thank you!
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    That's what it sounds like to me. They had a looping surveillance system within the hotel for their own security purposes.
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