It will take ten days at the longest

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Would you let mek now how you would say when you meant that it takes you ten days to do something and it will not take longer than that?

These are the expressions I can come up with.

It will take ten days at (the) longest.

It will take the maximum of ten days.

It will take two hours at longest.

What do you think? Thank you in advance.
  • bibliolept

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    I might say "It will take at most ten days." or "It will take ten days or less."
    "It will take ten days at most" is quite idiomatic.
    "It will take ten days at the longest" is also common.

    "It will be done in under eleven days" or "I'll be finished in under eleven days."

    "It will take a maximum of ten days" is correct but not as common in less formal contexts such as everyday conversation.
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