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  1. alejandro123 Member

    I came across phrase "it works out to" and I cannot fully figure out its actual meaning and usage.
    Below some examples.

    This is a nice amount of money, but it works out to $18,200 a year.
    After all discounts it works out to 500$ per night.

    My question is in what sort of situations I can use above mentioned phrase.
    Does it only relate to numbers, money etc?
  2. dreamlike

    dreamlike Senior Member

    I haven't seen this phrase used with things other than numbers, but then again I'm not quite sure whether if I've seen it in the first place. The meaning seems to be something along the lines of "sprowadza się do".
  3. sonorous Banned

    I agree with dreamlike. Btw, whether and if mean the same so there is no need to write both.
  4. jacquesvd Senior Member

    It can be used without numbers e.g. "it worked out well" (skończyło się dobrze"?) or it didn't work out to his entire satisfaction, i.e; the end result was not totally satisfying
  5. Polilotte Senior Member

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    There are a lot of uses of "work out"; however, "work out to" + noun refers to a mathematical end-result.
  6. dreamlike

    dreamlike Senior Member

    Of course there isn't....... it was merely a typo on my part.
  7. LeTasmanien

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    This is entirely correct.

    The expression 'it works out to' can be rephrased simply as 'equates to' (meaning is equal to) and is a fairly common usage in English.
    Fred earns $86,000 per annum which works out to $7167 per month
    is equivalent to
    Fred earns $86,000 per annum which equates to $7167 per month

    It's a mathematical end-result

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