It would pay students' tuition up front.

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College students take out one large loan to be paid after they graduate.
A new plan would lessen the burden.
It(the new plan) would pay students' tuition up front.

Hello. I brought a sentence here which I can't understand.
I have been kown the verb "pay" is 3 form of verb. But is it possible 5 form of verb, too?
Could you give me any other example? and what is the meaning in this case??
The new plan(Subjective) is not person. So it is not able to pay something... am I right?
I can't understand it because there is no person who can pay in this sentence.
Thank you in advance.
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    "Up front" means in advance. "Would pay" is a conditional, I believe. The concept of verbs in 3 form and 5 form means nothing to me; perhaps these are descriptions specific to your textbook.
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