Italian: كنت اتمنى لو اكون بجانبك الآن لأساعدك

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كنت اتمنى لو اكون بجانبك الان لاساعدك فى اى شيء
I want to translate this to Italian.
  • suma

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    I don'ty know the Italian, but in English

    "I wish I were at your side now to help you with whatever (you need)."


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    My attempt:

    Mi sarebbe piaciuto essere al tuo fianco adesso per poterte aiutare con tutto (di cui hai bisogno).

    Corrections would be appreciated. Licino? :D


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    Why did you use essere as the auxiliary verb? It is not a reflexive verb in this case, I think. So it shoud be "Mi avrebbe piaciuto", I think.

    And I think it should be "poterti aiutare". :)
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