1. Ingl New Member

    Uruguay español
    Hola!quería saber que es lo que quiere decir la expresión :

    As far as he was concerned, she put the itch in bitch.

    Muchas gracias por adelantado:)
  2. NealMc Senior Member

    UK English

    Literally it means nothing - figuratively it alludes to the woman being unpleasant to be around.
    She may cause a nervous tic in people around her (an itch),
    she may be the type to spread sexually transmitted diseases (an itch),
    she may make a man leave his wife (a seven year itch),
    she may cause a feeling similar to cold turkey in drug addicts (an itch that can't be scratched).
    It's an evocative phrase open to interpretation.

    It's a linguistic trick used a lot - but my mind's gone blank for other examples. Damn!

    Neal Mc
  3. Tradman Senior Member

    English UK
    NealMc. I've got absolutely nothing to add to this. Just wanted to say brilliant explanation
  4. Basenjigirl Senior Member

    English, USA
    I've never heard that before. Usually what people say, when they don't want to call someone a "bitch," is "rhymes with witch," and the listener knows what they really want to say.
  5. NealMc Senior Member

    UK English

    Some examples of how the linguistic device is used - generally not to highlight the best things about someone.

    Live hip hop can be a bit hit or miss - what did you think of them last night?
    They were alright, but they certainly put the eat into human beatbox.
    (this implies the guy doing human beatbox is pretty fat)

    How did you like the DJ Spooky set last night?
    2 hours of ambient noodling, he really puts the pose in composer!!!
    (the person didn't enjoy DJ Spooky, they thought he was a poseur)

    Brad's really committed to the environment isn't he?
    As a protester he really puts the ass into passive resistance!
    (he has a cute behind / he's an assh*le)

    Neal Mc

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