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    In Hebrew, how is it usual to say, for example:

    I have an itchy foot!/My foot is itching!
    Well scratch it then!

    מגרדת לי הרגל?
    אז (ת)עקצץ אותה?

    How about "He's itching to get stuck in"?
  2. arielipi Senior Member

    scratch is לגרד
    sting לעקוץ

    what exactly does "He's itching to get stuck in" mean again?
  3. ystab Senior Member

    גירד (v.) can mean both scratch and itch. For example, הרגל שלי לא מפסיקה לגרד and אם תגרד את העקיצה יותר מדי יֵרד לך דם.
    עקצץ (v.) and עקצוץ (n.) do mean itch, but they're not frequently used. Maybe עקצוץ more. Actually, if I use it, I use it more in a sense of tingle.

    For itch in the meaning of desire, I would use the colloquial בוער ל-. Usage: בוער לו לומר את מה שהוא חושב, or מה בוער לך?, or אין לי בעיה להישאר - בכלל לא בוער לי ללכת הביתה.
  4. airelibre

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    I thought that that phrase might cause problems, I didn't want to give a different wording because then that might influence the translation, but as long as you keep that in mind:
    "He can't wait to get involved", but 'get involved' is much more "clean". "Stuck in" is more a slang, and suggests getting "messy", whether that means actually getting physically dirty or putting a lot of effort in, or getting into trouble in another way.

    Is wasn't referring to לעקוץ, but לעקצץ. Is that not a common word?
  5. airelibre

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    Ah thank you, I did consider whether there was only one word for both scratch and itch, since some people in fact say "I have an itch to itch" which doesn't sound as good as "itch to scratch" but still works to some extent. So could you say יש לי גירוד לגרד?

    בוער ל sounds like a great equivalent term. Is לא יכול לחכות natural and/or does it sound like an Anglicism? I'm coming up with all sorts of follow up questions but I'll try and leave them for other threads, in order to abide by the rules!
  6. origumi Senior Member

    In Hebrew we usually do not have an itch (although it's possible to say it I guess). Something like הרגל מגרדת לי ולכן אני מגרד אותה sounds more natural.

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