Itchy-Itch y scratch-scratchy

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  1. Wankalin Senior Member

    Alguien puede explicarme la diferencia de estas palabras? se que itch y scratch son verbos, y los otros adjetivos, pero cuando usar cada uno, o que significan?
  2. csturt Senior Member

    English, US
    A bug bite itches, so you scratch it.

    The itch is what you feel, scratch is what you do.

    Itchy, then, refers to something that itches (algo que te pica como una picadura) and scratchy refers to something that scratches (algo que te rasca).

    It is often confused by English speakers, though, especially children.
  3. Wankalin Senior Member

    Could you give me an example of itchy and scratchy?
  4. Albatros99 Senior Member

    Picar y rascar, aunque itch tambien se puede traducir por "tener muchas ganas de hacer algo"

    I am itching to go on holiday to Spain, por ejemplo.
  5. csturt Senior Member

    English, US
    A mosquito (sancudo) bite is itchy.

    A wool sweater is scratchy.
  6. jinti

    jinti Senior Member

    My mosquito bite was itchy, so I scratched it.
    My poison ivy rash itches terribly, but I know I shouldn't scratch it.

    My boyfriend doesn't shave every day, so he has scratchy stubble on his cheeks. It scratches my face when we kiss.

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